we produce brands that you can reach safely



Under our brand Fig's we offer our dried figs, which have a very good quality.


Cido stands for our different types of pulses. Our hazelnuts come from Giresun, the Kalbur pistachios are from Antep and our pumpkin seeds we offer roasted or baked and have a very special taste.


Under our private label Bi'ic, we carry Salep, one of our most popular products, as well as our rosehip, lemon and orange drinks made with natural fruit extracts.


With our own brand Bi'ye we offer products such as wafer cookies and cookies. The perfect duo consisting of tahini (sesame paste) and grape molasses of our brand Bi'ye is the ideal to complement a healthy diet.

Göz Karası Baharat

Crown the traditional Turkish dishes with our spices. The products meet the quality standards ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.


The Yutty family produces all products with beef gelatine. Get to know our different Yutty products, there is something for everyone. Whether Yutty caramel candy, Yutty soft candy with fruit filling or our Yutty fruit gums.

Efendiler Zeytin

The Efendil olives are mainly from Gemlik, Uslu and Memecik. Gemlik is a natural black olive. Uslu has a very strong tree structure and grows only in Akhisar region. Memecik is one of the most common species.

Efendil olives are picked in the Aegean region of Manisa-Akhisar. They are packaged using a natural fermentation method and then placed on the shelves in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 quality standards.


We have a wide range of different products starting from confectionery, dried fruits like figs and apricots, to fruit juices, jams, spices and many other products.

Avrupa gıda pazarı liderliğine ilerlemeye devam eden firmamız, sektörünün en temel taşlarının; insan sağlığı mekanizması üzerine kurulması gerektiği bilincinde olarak ürünlerimiz doğal gıda boyaları kullanılarak, helal gıda kriterlerine uyumlu ve sağlığa uygun şartlarda geliştirilmektedir.