The Ciloglu Group distributes turkish products to the European
food market and always focuses on it's primary objective of
customer satisfaction

As one of the leading companies in the food industry, we have been continuously expanding our customer base since 1996 and as a consequence, we are already present in 18 european countries.

To our customers located in Germany we guarantee delivery within 24 hours and to other European countries within 48 hours. We supply more than 8000 customers per week. Ciloglu Handels GmbH participates in many international food fairs every year to present our latest products and to expand our wide customer network on a regular basis.


We have a wide range of products starting from sweets, dried fruits like figs and apricots, to fruit juices, jams, spices and many other products.

Ciloglu Gida

Our company, located in Istanbul (Turkey), was established in 1999 to supply the company Ciloglu Handels GmbH. We work closely with our product managers in Istanbul to maintain the quality of the products at all times in order to maintain customer satisfaction. We now supply over 1200 products throughout Europe.

We build the Ciloglu family on the foundation of our
customers' satisfaction.

Our goals

We put our priority on customer satisfaction, supporting our transparent working principals. We work in a motivational way in order to maintain the efficiency of our Ciloglu employees. We already present our Turkish products in the European market, but our goal is to spread the Ciloglu brand worldwide.


The Ciloglu-Group stands for its hundred percent customer satisfaction oriented approach of all services. We produce our products only in production facilities with the highest quality standards and using natural food colorants and respecting Halal food criteria. In this way, we aim to further expand our leadership role in the market worldwide.

At a time when innovation and technology are key, we use the latest systems in logistics, corporate resource planning and sales offices. In addition, we are aware that constant research and development studies are essential when aiming for the leadership role. The members of the Ciloglu-Family achieve an innovative approach based on continuous change and development with a successful business discipline.